What it is to be heard and understood?

A program for those, who want to be heard and understood and value the harmony in relations.

Let us learn together the language of communication

Become a Master in building trust and understanding!

Everyone of us deep down inside longs to be heard and understood. This is a part of our nature and it makes us feel powerful and valued. It opens new horizons and gives us wings to fly and grow. The human being is socially bound and that’s why communicating with others is an important ingredient in the recipe for happiness. 

There are simple rules in communication that help us achieve understanding and clarity of expression. 

For 6 months we shall start from the AB of the theory and will close the program with the YZ of its implementation. 

6 months we shall work to develop new skills, that will enrich our knowledge and will train us to hear and understand and thus be heard and understood.

What will you get?

  • Practical knowledge;
  • Conversation skills;
  • Communication with support and understanding;
  • Individual approach;
  • Techniques and methodologies;
  • New friendships;
  • FUN!

Everything starts with The AB 

Communication is often undervalued. In fact it is at the center of a lot of misunderstandings, conflicts, anxiety and stress. It can be a part of the good performance or the ineffective communication. 

Knowing the communication process, its structure, rules and building the specific skills to observe, listen and understand will help you build harmonious relationships in life and work. The people who succeed are those who know how to communicate!  

This program is usually carried out in companies and teams. However, I decided to adapt it to a broader audience, for everyone that wants to improve their communication skills. In my coaching experience I often meet people whose challenges and issues in its basis consists of miscommunications and the need to master new skills is the first step to solve their problems. 

Every month will be dedicated to a certain topic and will include a one-hour webinar and two practical masterclasses with a lot of exercises, discussions and role plays. 

You can see the introduction webinar here.

In AB of Communication you will:

  • learn the structure of the communication process;
  • define your own communication style and how to adapt it;
  • discover the power of words and the most powerful word;
  • master the magic of questions and will start collecting powerful questions;
  • learn methodologies to communicate open-heartedly;
  • master listening skills and create a space for change;
  • manage emotions when receiving feedback and transform them into growth;
  • hear the voice of intuition and challenge your boundaries.

Тhe Modules 

The Art of Conversation - webinar

In this module we shall:

  • learn the basis of the communication process; 
  • seek and answer the question what is communication and why others do not understand me; 
  • know the communication model and will  identify our own information filters and the related challenges. 

Month 1 - Listening Skills - a window to change

The listening skills are key to the understanding. It gives us the opportunity to know beyond words and find the hidden meaning of what is said. In the webinar part you will find information about the listening and its levels and components. In the Masterclasses you will find your distractors and ways to overcome them.  You will be trained how to create a safe space for the conversation which is the basis of change. Sometimes one needs only to be listened to. 

Month 2 - The Power of Questions - an invitation to change

Instead of making assumptions that others have understood, ask them. The most common failure in communication is assuming. Assuming often leads to expectations with no solid ground. Therefore, in this module, you will learn to ask questions that reveal the truth and open the door to the understanding.  

Month 3 - People Are Different - how to identify themа

People are different and everybody communicates in a unique way. Nevertheless, the communication styles can be structured. In this module you will identify your personal communication style and the style of your respondent. You will learn how to adapt your own style to the style of the others. You will be given two tests and through role plays you will get to know the differences. 

Мonth 4 - Positive Feedback - a key to growth

Successful people succeed because they actively seek feedback. Feedback is not a critique. It is a tool for progress and development. You will learn how to give feedback in a constructive way. You will also learn how to manage your own emotions when you receive feedback and transform them for your own growth. 

Мonth 5 - Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are an important part of the communication. In this module you will learn about the basic human emotions and how to recognize them. You will also learn quick techniques how to manage them. 

Мonth 6 - Intuitive Communication - or how to communicate without words

The program will end with something very subtle but hugely important in the process of communication – the INTUITION. Intuition is the soft voice of your inner wisdom  and if you learn to attune to listening at the same frequency you will be able to hear beyond words. You will be trained to communicate with no words and know your own intuition. Everybody has an intuition! 

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