Programs for organizational development

People and their emotional and mental attitude are key for the success of the company. As an organizational psychologist, consultant and trainer I work with the personality and its role in the team. 

Coaching is an important part of my portfolio because when it complements trainings it leads to permanent results and helps to integrate the knew skills and knowledge in practice. 

The independent point of view and support of an expert are important for the business development. With business consulting you may find new creative approaches and ways to grow. 

At a strategical level I work on projects for changing the organizational culture and change management. 


Create a calm and supporting environment!


Support your people to grow and change! 


Set the correct goals!


Build authentic relations and value-based leadership!

Rallie Christova – Organizational psychologist, life and business coach, mento and trainer

Curious and keen to learn and grow

I love challenges and finding new ways as they inspire we and my clients to grow. I apply coaching individually and in teams, also as a part of bigger projects. I run coach trainings for managers and leaders. Taking care for the people in the organizations, their emotional attitudes and relations is a part of my calling. I contribute for building of supporting organizational culture. I motivate and encourage the leaders and their teams in their development and growth. 

Trainer of Practitioner Coach Diploma Program of Noble Manhattan Coaching. Learn more about how to become a magnificent coach here.

Programs for personal development

Have you ever thought what really makes you happy and how do you really want to live your life? Individual and group coaching sessions can help you make this change now!

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