Start the journey to your LIFE PURPOSE

A nine-month personal and professional development program to find your true role in life

The adventure to get to know youself

People who look for their life purpose are facing a big transformation. They need courage and support to walk that way. Due to the social programing and expectation few of them are where they really want to be and are afraid and discontent with their work, partner, colleagues, the conditions, their boss, relationships. Discontent is the first symptom of a coming change. The bigger the discontent, the stronger the motivation for change.  

Your calling is the awareness of who you are and what you want. Life purpose is often defined as a job. But it is much more than this. When you know our life purpose and the direction of your life you can choose your job and everything else in life and be in harmony with your inner personality. The journey towards your life purpose is the answer to the question „Who I am?“.

9 months are needed for a life to be born. In 9 months you will give birth to your new YOU. 9 months you will:

  • share
  • discuss
  • create 
  • have fun
  • find the spring of your internal power
  • change

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A program for those who:

  • need to have a sense of direction;
  • intuitively feel that have a lot to give to the world;
  • are not satisfied with their current life situation;
  • want to overcome their fears and doubts;
  • want to know their talents and strengths;
  • are READY to take action!

Group or individual format

The group program consists of:

  • 7 modules;
  • two sessions per month;
  • Personal Manual with exercises, role plays, methodologies, questionnaires and self-reflection questions.
  • An opportunity to join a support group after the program.
  • A group of not more than 5 participants.
The individual program is tailor-made to adapt to the needs and time of the client.

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Get to know the modules of the program

Module 1 – The Journey Starts

You will seek and find the answers to the questions: 

  • What is a calling? 
  • What are the barriers? 
  • Which is my way? 
  • What do I need for the journey? 

You will create your personal vow and will define your intentions and goals!

Module 2 – Direction And Awareness

I will help you set goals for the program and for your life. You shall define your direction and will prioritize. You will make the first step… 

Module 3 – My Core Values

What are core values? They are your main stimulus for life. They define who you are. To know your core values means to know yourself, to be able to set goals, make choices and take decisions. They are your internal motivators that show you the way. In this module I help you elicit your core values and formulate your first mission statement. 

Module 4 – My talents And Gifts

In this module you will review your talents and gifts, meet your true passion and will discuss the early childhood programing to determine your constructive and unconstructive patterns and ask the synchronicities in your life for the direction.  

Module 5 – Life Purpose Statement

You are now ready to define your spiritual life purpose statement to understand what your soul has chosen to learn in this life. 

Module 6 – The Roadblocks

Self-esteem and confidence are the main focus of this module. I will help you assess them. We will analyze them together. Together we will identify the limiting beliefs and will prepare your Learning and Development Plan. You will say NO to BUT, will release the benefits from your unconstructive patterns and will choose the empowering beliefs that will help you grow and take back your POWER! 

Module 7 – I Am Close

You will:

  • find your period purpose for the next 2 to 5 years;  
  • prepare your Manifesto; 
  • plan the first steps;
  • define your personal type; 
  • discover the jobs that match your personality. 


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