A coaching program for women

Self-love is the fuel, that allows an individual reach out their full potential, and is filled with compassion, grace and gentleness. 

Take care of  yourself and your feelings  

Making space and prioritizing ourselves allows us to embrace our lives completely and wholeheartedly. Self-love
is learning to extend kindness toward ourselves, even when we struggle and suffer. It is extending forgiveness to
ourselves when we make mistakes. Self-love means prioritizing ourselves and giving ourselves permission to find
and believe in our strengths and gifts. Sometimes it means putting ourselves first. Sometimes it means making space to identify our needs and wants. It involves setting boundaries, and setting boundaries involves self-love. These two concepts work together.

The program „Self-love“ starts with the webinar „The Truth About Self-Love“. You can listen to it HERE.

In a group format the Program is carried out twice a month. The duration of each session is 2 astronomic hours from October till June. Every week I am sending the participants a set of exercises which allows everyone to work at a deeper level and do some introspection of their own experience. The Program ends with  a one day training retreat with a lot of beautiful surprises.  The Program is online and allows you to enjoy the process from the comfort of your home.

During the 9 months rebirthing process we shall focus on:

  • freeing our selves from self-doubt;
  • develop compassion;
  • embrace who we are.

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The program consists of the following modules

Module 1 - Start Where You Are

Module 2 - Find Self-Compassion

Module 3 - Release Self-Doubt

Module 4 - Build Your Self-Worth

Module5 - Heal Your Relationships

Module 6 - Embrace Who You Are

Module 7 - Say YES To Happiness

Module 8 - Focus On Good

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