Nourish your personal development 

When you invest in yourself, you invest in the manifestation of what you want to achieve.

What is life coaching?

Coaching is one of the leading tools the SUCCESSFUL people use to build a life full of value and achieve the results they dream of. Though weekly sessions that last between one hour and an hour and a half clients find what is important for them and start to direct their thoughts and attention to achieving their goals and their life vision.  The key to a fulfilled life is the understanding of where you are right now and where you want to be. You need to have  the willingness and motivation to walk that way. Your accountability to your own life will give you access to a life full of joy, energy, financial wellbeing, focus and balance in all areas of your life. 

In the beginning of 21 century coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world after the IT. Research show that the combination of coaching and training makes the investment in human resources effective and profitable.  

Advantages of coaching

  • Proven method for developing your potential. 
  • Quick progress.
  • Raising motivation, sharpen clarity and focus.
  • Finding innovative solutions. *
  • Balances all areas of life. 
  • Self-awareness, personal development and satisfaction. 
  • Creates new quality of life. 
  • Results from every session. 

How to start your coaching journey for free?

The free session is a 30 minute session to get to know each other and talk about: 

  • You – what you need, the issue, the challenges and the questions you may have, the goals you want to achieve, your dreams and hopes. 
  • Me – who am I, my beliefs, my competences and preferred style. 
  • The coaching process – how it is done, duration and consistency. 

THE PURPOSE of this introduction session is to feel if there is chemistry between us, to feel if trust can be built, because trust is the KEY to a successful coaching partnership.  

Then on we shall experience the joy of working together and will start an exciting journey within!

What follows next:

  • Sign a contract.
  • Fill in a set of questionnaires that will build your profile and will help us plan. 
  • Develop a Learning and Development Plan that will help you systemize and  prioritize your goals and challenges, keep track of your progress, keep you focused on the goals and give you an idea on the return of expectations (ROE). 
  • Start of the process.
  • Last session for review and celebrate the change. 

The Coaching Session

The duration of a coaching session is approximately one hour. 

Practice proves that it is most effective to have a session once a week and the results manifest themselves in three months. The sustainable change of behavioral and thinking patterns needs time. 

Therefore, I offer my clients session packages and every 10th session is a free gift. Only when working on a long term basis with I client I can assure that lasting results will follow. Coaching is a powerful partnership based on trust and understanding!

What is included in Power Coaching®?


The science that broadens the awareness and enables the client to reach new ideas and take action towards stable positive change. 

PCMK™ (Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics®)

Advanced coaching – easy to apply, mild approach, deep and lasting. This is the first program approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as ‘A tool for a profound personal and professional development” (2008) created by Betska K-Burr.

PCMK™ methodologies develop the full potential of our mind.

Power Coaching is known for the depth that is reached during the session.  Over 30 years of research and use in practice show that in 100% of the sessions the client reaches the desired results. The coaching mission of PCMK is the wholistic approach – working with the client on an emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual level. 


is sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Integrated in Power Coaching, mentoring is a part of the planning process which takes place in the last 5 minutes of the session. At this point the coach explores together with the client the possible action steps, shares experience, ideas and tools that they have in their toolbox and could help the client move forward. 

PCMK™ and all coaching programs have been approved and accredited by ICF.

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