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Бизнес коучинг методът е един от водещите инструменти, който успешните хора използват, за да водят пълноценен живот и да постигат резултатите, които желаят.

What it is to have a  psychologist int the organization? 

What it is to have a psychologist in the organization?

The organizational psychologist is a specialist that works with :

  • Team relationships;
  • Personal and behavioral issues;
  • Developing leadership skills; 
  • Conflict management and decision taking;
  • Programs for Change Management; 
  • Diagnostic, planning and change of organizational culture; 
  • Soft-skills training; 
  • Emotional intelligence. 

What are the benefits?

  • Balanced relationships 
  • Growth and development
  • Motivation and satisfaction
  • High engagement
  • Retaining key people 
  • Management through people
  • Higher awareness

What will change?

  • Environment
  • Atmosphere
  • Relations
  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Stress levels decrease
  • Anxiety drops
  • Conflicts minimize

Coaching is a prat of my portfolio as I believe that parallel with trainings it leads to lasting results and integrate new skills and competencies in practice.  I tend to use new and proven methods for achieving growth and development. 

Coaching is an effective and innovative approach for finding fast decisions, effective planning, eliminating limits and roadblocks. The method is one of the leading tools SUCCESSFUL people use to lead a fulfilled life and achieve the results they want. Coaching is the second fastesT growing industries in the world after IT. 

How to be successful with business  consulting?

I work with managers, business owners and HR experts who have a vision or want to sharpen their vision and want to bring their company/ department one step further. The independent professional point of view and support are important for the development of the organization. Through business consulting you may discover new creative approaches and growth solutions. 

Entrepreneurship is a powerful factor on the market place in the recent years. The way from a dream to a business idea and its implementation into practice can discourage the new entrepreneur. As a business consultant I will walk that way with you, step by step until the implementation of your idea. 

As an internationally accredited coach I will provoke you with powerful questions, which will unlock the solutions you seek. 

My experience in the corporate world, the management positions I have taken and my economic background are my competitive advantage. 

Consulting includes:

  • Building a business idea.
  • Financial consultation.
  • Preparation of business plan.
  • Accounting.
  • Corporate identity package.
  • Team development.
  • Motivation tools.
  • Personal efficiency.
  • Team effectiveness.

Corporate trainings list


Goal:  The participants will get to know the diversity of personal communication styles, will be able to determine their own style and learn how to communicate with other styles adapting their own to the style of their partner in communication. This will have a benefit in their everyday life and at work as they will be able to create a friendly and effective working atmosphere. Role games will apply which will make the process of learning fun and easy to understand and implement in real life. 

People differ in their way of thinking, behavior and the way they communicate. The successful communication takes into account these differences. The successful communicator recognizes the different styles and respects them. Knowing our strengths and areas of improvement leads us to better results and interactions, overcome conflicts and makes team work a pleasant and smooth process. 

The topic is broad and can include the following modules: 


  • Assertive communication 
  • Communication styles 
  • Active listening
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Constructive feedback
  • Conflict management

Goal: We live in adynamic world, where conflicts are inevitable part of our jobs and life. There are conflicts that stimulate our development others, however, put barriers that make us feel unsatisfied and uncomfortable. The participants will have the knowledge how to recognize the conflicts, how to manage them with understanding
and gain benefit from the ability to create a working space of mutual respect and acceptance. Role games will apply which will make the process of learning fun and easy to understand and implement in real life.

The problem with the broken communication and conflicts is not a rare phenomenon in companies and this makes it important to seek alternative solutions to manage conflicts in organizational context. 

The role plays and simulations in the the program will make the process easy and fun. 



Time is never enough, especially with the technical progress when change is fast and deadlines dreadful. This is a growing problem that increases the levels of stress, anxiety and burnout.  

Time is money. We know that. But time has many other benefits like independence, security and effectiveness. To learn how to manage time means to take control of our life and work. 

Benefits of the training:

• Focuses on the important question how to manage time;
• Gives an opportunity not only to talk about the issue but also find solutions;
• Introduces scientific algorithms;
• Is an opportunity to practice some of them;
• Encourages to make a decision to change. 

In the presentation part of the training you can find theory, practice, discussions and mastermind groups that will help generate innovative solutions. 

This training is designed for people for whom:

  • time is a valuable resource;
  • time is never enough;
  • want to become more effective and take control of their own life and work, organizing them in a new structured way. 

Big leaders are those who can meet their own needs and the needs of others from a higher level of awareness with a clear vision for direction, creativity and a feeling of unity. 

Big leaders:

Llook and listen – are unbiased observers that do not judge in advance.

Eemotional bonding – recognize and clear toxic emotions, understand their specific needs and those of others. 

Aawareness – ask difficult and global questions and look for out of the box solutions. 

Ddoing – are action-oriented.

Eempowerment – the power of the leader comes from their awareness level. 

Rresponsibility – they take responsibility, build integrity, maintain high values and standards. 

Leadership is a vast topic. Therefore the program consists of 4 modules. You can choose a combination of modules that reflect your needs best. 


Leadership Basics

This is a basic module that introduces the main concepts of leadership in ration 50:50 theory vs. practice. The module includes history and theory of leadership, main characteristics of a leader, transactional and transformational leadership. 

The participants will have a rich theoretical background and understanding of the needs of leadership in the current times, they will learn to recognize and build the necessary characteristics their work may demand.  They will look for their own place and role in the leadership process and will identify the skills they need to develop to become good leaders in what they do.  

Leadership Styles 

Този модул се базира на теорията на Hersey Blanchard за ситуационното лидерство. Според модела има 4 лидерски стила, които се променят с промяната на етапа на развитие на организацията. Това са Директивният, Трениращ (коучинг), Подпомагащ и Делегиращ стил.

Участниците ще имат възможност да преживеят и усетят характеристиките на всеки един от стиловете и да намерят приложението на тези стилове в работата и в живота си.

Effective Management of People and Teams 

In this modules the participants will be trained to use the GROW model – a leadership model that will make them feel confident in the people management process. It is a useful tool that discharges the responsibility of the leaders shoulders to find solutions to the employees issues and empowers them to help their employees develop their own potential finding their own solutions using the resources they have at hand and handle the challenges themselves. The GROW model is a communication model reviewing the goal-setting, reality, finding options and move forward. It is also useful because it opens more time for the leader to focus on strategic tasks rather than micromanaging. 

Due to the fact that this is a long-term process and it need time to integrate it into the daily routine additional supervision and mentoring would be needed which are not included in the program. 

Change Management

Leadership and the hunger for leaders in our contemporary society is a part of the big dynamics and change the world is facing. In order to be more flexible and adaptive, leaders need to know change and its stages and emotional reactions. In this module we shall use approved change models and will bring clarity to the process of change. 

Participants: a group of 8 to 12 people 

To create something new requires time, planning, implementation and monitoring. Therefore, I have developed this long-term program “Leadership Culture”. 

This program will be tailor-made for every company in a 6 months or 1 year format to suit their needs and goals.  The program consists of diagnostic, goal-setting, planning the stages and forthcoming monitoring of the steps with measurement and corrections at every stage. 

It will be implemented at different levels in the company and will include a variety of tools, trainings, group facilitation, individual work with every participant, briefings, mentoring and supervision. This is a program that is designed to meet the specific needs of the company.

Goal of the program

The program aims to achieve:

  1. Inspiring leadership management – teach basic communication skills and use various assessment and development tools;
  2. Finding wholistic decisions to business issue;
  3. Balance between the transactional and transformational leadership ;
  4. Understanding company Vision, Mission, Values and Goals and integrating them in the teams’ life;
  5. Uniting the team and developing a unified understanding for the direction and goals through exchange of experience and common projects;
  6. Achieving synergy between managers and the use of tools how to develop that synergy in their teams;
  7. Advanced conflict management skills and the skills to structure communication;
  8. Building confidence, high self-esteem and flexibility that decreases stress levels;
  9. Taking responsibility and delegating to employees;
  10. Facilitating managers’ skills to positively impact employees;
  11. Learn methods to deal with self-limiting and unconstructive behaviours;
  12. Finding and using tools for successful change management.

Improving Managers’ competences for giving positive feedback 

Giving constructive feedback is key for every leader. The well structured feedback support the relations between the leaders and their people, develops both sides, boosts trust and maintains company culture. 


Managers and leaders who want to improve their skills to give feedback take part in this training. Communication research among managers and leaders shows big gaps in this field. 


Improve managers’ skills for giving and receiving feedback.


  • Know and understand the steps that lead to a successful feedback.
  • Understand when it is appropriate to give positive feedback.
  • Distinguish the good and not effective practices of fiving feedback.
  • Define the ways how to give feedback. 
  • Raise the awareness of the participants for their own skills to give feedback. 

Motivation consists of a set of internal factors (needs) and motives that determine human’s behavior. It is a stimulus, action, combination of interest, desire and energy to reach certain goal. According to Michael Armstrong motivation is “what makes people act or behave in a certain way”. (Armstrong, 1993).

Knowing the employees aspiration and their skills to satisfy their needs in the right way is a guarantee to a smooth working process. 

In this training the participants will learn how to recognize the truly motivating stimulus of their coworkers. They will define their core values and will be trained to use a methodologies for eliciting the core values of their coworkers. They will prepare together a motivation program with concrete action plan to implement immediately after the training.  

Participants: a group of 8 to 12 people

The training is designed to managers and employees that need more motivation in their work. It will focus on discussions and mastermind groups where they will seek the root causes and the solution. It is for those who see the importance of taking responsibility for their own success and are ready to work for it!


Leadership and the necessity of leaders in our current society is key factor in our dynamic society. In order to be flexible and adaptive leaders need to know the change process, its stages and the emotions it invokes. In this training we will use different change models to illustrate the process and shed more clarity to change. These models will provide the theoretical basis for building a sustainable model and resilience in a dynamic environment. 

Participants: a group of 8 to 12 people

The training can address a broad audience. Change is an everyday event in our dynamic world. It is also the phenomenon that raises some of the biggest resistance. Every leader and manager should know how to address, handle and manage change. 


Do you feel the burden of piles of tasks? Time is not enough? Everyone depends on your advice and expect you to find the solution? This can be very stressful. Very often managers take more responsibility that needed and do the work of others, sometimes without even knowing that.  

The participants in this training will take their first steps in delegating and monitoring. They will explore their internal barriers to distribute tasks and responsibilities and will make a plan how to overcome them in order to become effective leaders and use the full potential of their team and company. Successful delegation engages the whole team or company and frees time and resources for the manager for strategic planning and monitoring. 

Participants: a group of 8 to 12 people

The training can address a broad audience. It provides knowledge for the basic communication skills, different styles  of communication in a practical format. 

Lately we witness a substantial increase in psycho-emotional anxiety and stress due to a number of factors. The dynamic work market increase the requirements  to people due to:

  • the fast and continuous changes;
  • the trend to minimize the costs and maximize the profits;
  • the growing need of flexibility; 
  • the increasing number of short-term contracts;
  • the growing workplace insecurity;
  • the increase in the workload;
  • the poor work-life balance.

An additional option would be to include practical АРТ workshops. (This is optional and is not included in the basic program and can be discussed additionally.)

Participants: a group of 8 to 12 people

The training can address a broad audience. It is for those who need techniques and resources to cope with the workplace stress! 


The goal creates a sense of focus and direction. The correct goal is an important prerequisite for the successful performance and developing a vision for their roles and tasks. When time and resources are planned the individual takes responsibility for their own growth and development!

The participants will set and prioritize their own goals and will plan how to achieve them. The goals have to be SMART.

The participants who want to move further and work specifically on certain stages, make an elaborate plan with everyday action steps, to neutralize roadblocks and achieve success can book individual sessions with a business coach. 

Every participant will have a manual that includes the course materials!

Participants: a group of 8 to 12 people

The training can address a broad audience. It is for those who see the importance of taking responsibility for their own success and of working to achieve it!


Develop your team and environment  with business coaching

  • Advantages of business coaching:
  • Balances your professional life with your core values. 
  • Helps you become confident, convincing and charismatic. 
  • Help you become a charismatic and inspiring leader. 
  • ­Your employees are more satisfied and work in cooperation. 

You can apply business coaching when:

  • Your company needs better communication and and building of a positive and motivating work space. 
  • ­You face an important management decision..
  • Your company grows and you need professional support with planning and implementing a new management structure. 
  • You want to be a Leader, not a Manager. 
  • You want your company to have a bigger market share.


79% of medium and large companies use a coach – personal or a group coach. 

Team coaching

How will you benefit from team coaching? 

  • The experience, skills and confidence of the group in one place. 
  • A measurable progress of you business and personal goals. 
  • Valuable support of the people you respect and trust. 
  • The feeling that the others support your initiatives. 
  • Timely amendments of key elements of projects and reduce the aimless prolonging. 
  • You feel the energy and activeness of the group. 
  • Formal reporting structure – accountability and responsibility to others. 

All participant benefit from the win-win situations the group provides. New friendships are being made and everybody grows thanks to the support and encouragement of the others. 

Group coaching for business

  1. Provokes constructive changes and stimulates development. 
  2. Improves processes, services and products.  
  3. Betters the leadership and management skills.  
  4. Creates a growth mindset. 
  5. Optimizes goal-setting.  
  6. Creates new positive habits.  

 Personal benefits from group coaching 

  1. Motivates the person to take responsibility and become a flexible team player.  
  2. Makes planning and time management easy and smooth. 
  3. Communication is improved: listening, powerful questions and feedback. 
  4. Develops reframing skills.

The tools and methodologies I use

Diagnostic questionnaires

The questionnaires I use will help you know yourselves better. Knowing more about your strengths will make it easy for us to plan goals and clear the direction of the coaching partnership. My database for tests and questionnaires is continuously updated. 


I apply experiential training methods. The experiential effect allows the participants go though the experience before the trainer introduces the theoretical part. 

It is often said that knowledge is inside us. Through this form of training the participants can reach important conclusions and concepts of the program, and the role of the trainer is to facilitate the process of discussion, summary and systemizing. 

Behavioral training is based on active questioning and structured discussions in small groups. This involves the participants in the work, keeps them focused and makes memorizing easier. 

Each program I make is tailor-made. The instruments include role plays, discussions, coaching approach, flip chart activities, giving and receiving feedback. 

Structured discussions

The discussion is a way of going deeper into the essence of the process. The structure of every discussion follows the goal and leads to clarifying the issue and finding eventual blind spots. 

As a trainer and facilitator I help the participants become a part of the process and make the dialog focused and flexible. Stimulating a dialog is important when you need the people in your company  to understand new concepts, better their performance and change the way they work. 


If you work in a dynamic environment and time is a leading factor I can develop short and quick one- or two-hour trainings in the form of presentations, mastermind groups, masterclasses or group coaching. Every program or training I create is tailor-made to meet the requirements of the management and the participants. 

Behavioral simulations

Why simulations are so important in the training process? They give the feeling of ownership of what is learnt, make things clear and create new approaches to the situation explored. 

The participants take part in a scene that presents the situation that needs exploring. They have the opportunity to go through the situation from the position of different roles, not just to read about it, watch or write. This gives them the feeling of taking active part, reveals certain behaviors and qualities that might have been hidden, give them a different point of view. The participants ‘memorize’ the experience and have the opportunity at a later stage in reality to act differently. In this way change takes place in thinking and behavior in an easy and fun way. 

Behavioral business profile DISC

I am a certified DISC analyzer. 

DISC is a method that identifies predictable behaviors and personal characteristics in human behavior. It is a non-judgmental tool used to discuss the differences in human behavior. It consists of a set of questions and based on the answers it generates an extensive report about the measured behavior. In the report one can also find guidelines regarding the communication and work with people from the 4 different types. 

DISC is powerful and thorough, yet a simple tool to understand people and how they behave and communicate. Conflict and stress are events that affect productivity and happiness.  DISC helps you identify the key to better relations, problem solving, motivation and growth. 

DiSC profiles help the individual or the team to:

  • Increase self-knowledge: give information about the reactions to conflict, motivators, factors that cause stress and the coping strategies;
  • Balance working relationships through recognizing the communication needs in the team; 
  • Facilitates smoother teamwork; 
  • Develop strong sales skills and adapt their style to client’s style; 
  • Manage effectively understanding the priorities and needs of the team. 

Mastermind groups

When we have a group of people with a broad potential together we can benefit from their collective wisdom and experience.  

I run Mastermind groups for the purpose of generating ideas and finding solutions. 

Such groups can be organized in the company. For example, managers and directors who want to develop their competences. This creates a sense of oneness and loyalty to the company. Mastermind groups can be organized for the managers and directors from different companies who will share experience and knowledge and help each other grow. 

Masterclasses and webinars

I run webinar for the business and personal development on a regular basis. You can join me from your working place or home and ask questions. 

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