Rallie Christova - Executive and Life Coach

You can see me on Bulgarian National TV here (version with English subtitles coming soon).

A senior Life & Executive Coach, I am proud to say that for the past five years I have been living the life of my dreams.

As a result of leaving my corporate career in ship management, I become truly fulfilled.  Having made such a major transition means I’m ideally placed to understand and support others keen to make the same sort of transition.

Consequently, I have designed and now offer, for the benefits of others, two unique programmes for improved personal development:

  1. The Success Behind My Fears and
  2. In Search of Your Purpose.

My purpose is to inspire others to live their dream; so my BIG goal is to help everyone who also wants to expand their horizons and achieve success through realising their true potential.  I believe one of the keys to making a positive contribution to society is to concentrate on becoming an effective and happy citizen.

I believe we need to start at the top and work our way down.  My focus is on guiding leaders to base their management style and approach on authentic core values.  I help them achieve this by increasing their self-awareness and by taking responsibility for their actions.

My experience in high level management positions is my motivator for helping leaders to develop a more heart-based management style; to encourage a corporate-coaching culture, and create more purposeful business plans that include clearer Mission, Vision and Goal statements.  This will help to develop a proactive team culture that communicates more effectively enabling everyone to work towards a common goal of success and growth.

I also have a passion for writing, and am known for inspiring individuals and organisations to take action, and make positive changes.  Therefore, my specialist subject is CHANGE.  This is why I have joined the growing community of personal development writers at Dial A Guru.   I look forward to co-authoring The Masterplan to Launch Your hobby into a Business: how to make money from your passion available later in 2016.


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