Rallie Christova - Executive and Life Coach

A Master Life & Executive Coach, I am proud to say that over the past eight years I have been living the life of my dreams.

Having made a major transition from corporate career in ship-management to a coaching and training career means I’m ideally placed to understand and support others keen to make transitions in their life and profession. I still run our family shipping commpany using my skills as a manager and a coach.

Consequently, as a result of my work with individual clients in transition, I have designed and now offer a unique programme for improved personal development:

  1. In Search of a Purpose.

My purpose is to inspire others to live their dream; so my BIG goal is to help everyone who also wants to expand their horizons and achieve success through realising their true potential.  I believe one of the keys to making a positive contribution to society is to concentrate on becoming an effective and happy citizen.

I believe we need to start at the top and work our way down.  My focus is on guiding leaders to base their management style and approach on authentic core values.  I help them achieve this by increasing their self-awareness and by taking responsibility for their actions.

My experience in high management is motivating me to work in Companies and help leaders develop their heart-based management style, build a corporate-coaching culture in their organization and make important management decisions, reach balance in life and job, overcome stress. Small and medium businesses base their success on strong Mission, Vision, Goals and Plan and thus flourish and grow. Large Corporations benefit from our work in building strong teams that work together on important key projects, communicate effectively with each other and take proactive steps to contribute to the success and growth of their organization. 

I also have a passion for writing, and am known for inspiring individuals and organisations to take action, and make positive changes.  

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