The Success Behind Our Fears

One year program for developing confidence and high-self-esteem

We all talk about success. We google it. We share strategies and steps for becoming successful. But we rarely speak about what stands on the way to our success. We face roadblocks and barriers which make us resist, feel scared or doubtful, paralyzed and indecisive. No one ever told us, though that in the process of overcoming those fears is locked a part of our Personal Power, which we claim back and become stronger and self-confident.

Fear is a part of the Success.

When we face our fears we realize that they will never stop existing. What will change in the process is our perception of them. We will stop allowing them to steal from our energy and vitality and will become a stronger version of ourselves. It is the fears that challenges us to become truly OURSELVES and live an authentic and fulfilled life.

Are you willing to grow in awareness with me and other people? Do you wish to discover your own peaks on your way to success?

Here is what I have for you:

The Success Behind our Fears

Free one-hour webinar organized by my friends and colleagues from IIC&M.

In that webinar we will learn more about the fear from educational point of view. We will speak about the levels of fear and the No.1 fear – the fear behind all fears. We will discuss about the 5 truths about fear and will talk about how to not sabotage our dreams. Lastly, I will welcome you to the miraculous world of one truly unusual school.

Who can join the program:

- Everyone, that values his/her professional and personal development

- Everyone, that feels that starts something and never finishes it

- Everyone, that wants to know what stands behind his/her success

- Everyone, that is looking for ways to boost his/her confidence

- Everyone, that wants to make friends with his/her fears and explore the Power inside that makes us wiser and stronger.

I am waiting for the first brave hearts!

With inspiration for change,

Rallie Christova

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