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“Rallie is a master at helping you derive the max of what you have just said.I didn’t need someone to tell me what to do, but rather someone to inspire me to do what I have to and to trust myself, too. This makes the process useful and pleasant at the same time. I found the Power in me to overcome the turmoils in my life and to prevent others from happening. Rallie makes you feel relaxed and supports you to discover things you never suspected were there and qualities and values you never hoped you could develop. My work with Rallie was one of the most successful events this year, the results of it are still to come.“

Dr. Zheko Naychov, MD, Heart Surgeon

What did we work for at the group coaching sessions?  We started with eliciting my core values and bringing them to my conscious attention. We worked in the direction to implement those values in my life and allow them to manifest in my life in order to make it happier and more fulfilled. What challenges I overcame? I overcame my inability to see myself as a human being, not as a victim. I reached the understanding that everything that happens to me is for my utmost good and helps me on my way.  I overcame the challenge to take responsibility and make money and take care of my family. Started to travel, read books, write poetry, surprise myself and my family with lovely holidays. I opened up for the world which I considered as hostile. During the course (9 month group coaching)  I managed a loss and accepted it as a good lesson sent to me by God. Reconnected with myself and the spiritual world and strengthened my connection with God and the angels. Rediscovered the peace inside discovering things I love and I want to do and gradually leaving behind things that destructed me from my focus.  What is Rallie’s style? Interesting, which for the first time in my life impressed me a lot, namely – not interfering, not giving advices and fact based feed-back when asked. Her style is unostentatious, supporting, celebrating my growth with me, no matter how slow it is. Waiting patiently for me, sometimes more than a year, to awaken to the consciousness to speak about a certain topic. A person that is focused on learning and getting to know the life path of every person, very patient and with clear understanding that change needs time, decisiveness and action.   Thanks to her knowledge of the processes and patiently waiting I reached the decision to work with Rallie individually as a coach and a mentor. Who chose her? Well, it was my heart.

George Dukov

Founder of StartUp Center Varna

"I know Rallie Christova for almost 4 years, and she was coaching me since then. Rallie is simply a wonderful person! She has such a great voice which gives me confidence and offers me the comfort during the sessions. Rallie is calm and trustworthy, asking so powerful questions so I could find easily solutions to my issues. She is curious, thus neutral, offering me space for my personal findings. She helped me, thus, to overcome personal doubts and fears! She put her whole life experience and knowledge into the coaching sessions. She connects with me during the sessions, she just touches me with her soul, I feel she listens to me with all her being. She is that person I have the feeling I know since I was born, so I open myself freely and safely, fearless! She is simply gifted. I can’t imagine Rallie doing something else but working with people for the people, coaching them. She is a wonderful friend and experienced coach, a great teacher. My life truly changed in a positive way with Rallie in it. And I am so blessed having her in my life. Thank you Rallie! Thank you GOD!"


With all my love,


Laura Cocu

Associate Power Coach® (CLI)


“Coaching for me was a journey to myself, during which for a very short time I discovered the magical capacity of the method. It helped me reach certain insights which were not possible before. It taught me how to have inner peace and reveled a whole palette of characteristics and skills for which I had no idea they were hidden in me.

Rallie is a master at helping you derive the max of what you have just said.I didn’t need someone to tell me what to do, but rather someone to inspire me to do what I have to and to trust myself, too. This makes the process useful and pleasant at the same time. I found the Power in me to overcome the turmoils in my life and to prevent others from happening. Rallie makes you feel relaxed and supports you to discover things you never suspected were there and qualities and values you never hoped you could develop. My work with Rallie was one of the most successful events this year, the results of it are still to come.“


Dr. Zheko Naychov, MD, Heart Surgeon, Medical University Professor

I’ve known Rallie since she chose coaching as her life path. We’ve had regular sessions at the beginning and a few extra over the years, but she has always been able to not just connect but really tune in; be positive and encouraging, and inspiring change. Through her skills and many talents, Rallie has helped me realize a lot of things about myself and after a session I was always feeling more focused on what mattered to me more. Sometimes it can be just one tiny thing that changes in your mindset that allows you to continue further and helps you to move forward in the right direction for you in that moment. I would highly recommend Rallie Christova and her services to clients as a PCMK coach. You will be amazed by changes.

Tsvetalina Baykusheva Escalations Specialist, Risk Analyst – Russian speaking market (Russian CARE Team, EEC) eBay Europe Services IRL

„As a person and a professional coach, Rallie is the one I can trust without doubt. Even if you are scared and confused, she never gives up, but takes your hand with confidence. Her support and care helped me follow my life path and find my true mission.“

Svetlana Dacheva

Kindergarten teacher

„Coaching is something new and different for Bulgaria. I had the possibility to get in touch with it through Rallie. Thank you for provoking me to act and stand up for the things I really want. Thank you for listening to me patiently and with understanding. When somebody does something with love and devotion it is obvious to the others. Never lose that, Rallie!“

Yoana Dacheva

Recreation manager


Klimentina Terzieva

Varna, Bulgaria


2nd March, 2018


To whom it may concern


It is my pleasure and honor to be writing this letter of recommendation as a client of Ralitsa Christova.

I had the opportunity to work with Mrs Christova from 2014 to 2016 in a series of individual sessions. This was a rather stressful period of professional transition for me and I sought her expertise in her capacity of an executive coach. She quickly managed to establish an atmosphere of trust, support and discretion which helped me reveal myself and gave me the confidence to share my deepest fears and turmoil at the time. I was a rather difficult client taking in mind my innate skepticism and conservatism regarding new practices. During our session Ralitsa was extremely patient and she used a variety of techniques. She tailored her sessions so that she could find what really worked for me. Delicately and softly she would navigate me back to my state of balance in the toughest of times.  Even after two years since our last consultations her words are still resonating in my mind in certain types of situations and her voice is guiding me to this very day.

Ralitsa is a selfless person who is always ready to participate in charity initiatives. In 2017 I asked her to consult a teenage girl at the threshold of graduating high school knowing that she had already developed her own program for career orientation. The girl had suffered through many hardships leaving her confused as to which career path to take. Ralitsa wholeheartedly agreed to take the case pro bono. She played a major role in the success of the young lady.

I believe Ralitsa Christova  is one of those people who serve as an inspiration for others through the dedication and utter love of her own vocation. I am forever grateful for her professional guidance and should I need any advice I would not hesitate to work with her again.


Yours truly,

Klimentina Terzieva



There is a great progress with me. I already have no panic attacks and even if I have sporadic ones I manage to accept them patiently and with calmness and they pass away. All I need to continue working on my own is my inferiority complex. I know that it takes time but thank to you I already have the awareness and the tools to overcome it. However, I already have big progress in this area, too. As a whole, there are a lot of things I want to çorrect’ but I know that there will always be and accept is as a means to growth and perection. I try to reduce my expectations and requirements of self and to accept myself as a person , equal to the others.   I want to thank you again for the support and the help in this difficult period of my life, just because you have no idea how much I realized and what impact it had or my personal development and self-acceptance. My words are not powerful enogh to express my gratitude.  

Desislava Chanova

Pupil 11th grade

German Language School Dobrich


"Ralitsa Christova calls herself a coach of the change. This means a lot because in order for the change to happen, one should reach a great level of self-awareness and strong motivation..

We started with one coaching session and for a couple of hours I felt I was understood and listened to, which is rarely happening to me even with my closest people.   Ralitsa possesses inborn and acquired through trainings, education and personal experience skills of a coach – empathy, delicacy, depth… Rallie is by your side with every step you take. I visit her group coaching sessions and am in close contact with her. Sometimes she asks a single question, sometimes just a word or sentence she says unlocks your inner truth and helps you to sharpen your focus. I have always been a goal-oriented person, but Rallie helped me discover the art of goal setting and achieving results. And the results exceeded my expectations!

I had the pleasure to work with Rallie as a partner in her group for actor’s coaching. Our partnership was smooth and easy going and our work was actually an inspirational creative game.

I am thankful for this meeting."

Rositsa Bardarska

Editor, translator, trainer and writer







From Desislava Ivanova,

HR Expert Selection and Trainings, Agropolichim AD

I met Ralitsa Hristova October 2012. In that period of my career I worked as an expert trainings and development in a big international company, which changed its ownership months ago.

The changes on the workplace, the number of requirements of the new owner, the massive turnover, the feeling of  no satisfaction and burnout which I started to recognize were among the reasons to seek for an expert advice from a famous personal development consultant what to do.  After the meeting and the analysis of the results of a number of questionnaires he recommended me to find Ralitsa Christova sa a specialist who could help me in the situation.

In 2012 coaching was unknown in Bulgaria, but with a her exceptional professionalism, deep knowledge and expertise, constant investment in her personal and professional development , Ralitsa became my personal coach, whom I recommended and continue to recommend to coleagues, friends, relatives and partners. Confidentiality, ethics, empathy, deep listening are among the skills that differentiate her from the majority of consultants and coaches.

The changes and the results followed – with a lot of work, efforts, goal setting the low confidence and self-esteem, the fear of change started to transform into self-confidence and tranquility. I undertook some very important changes in my personal and professional life and presently, I feel fulfilled. For me coaching became a way of living.   

As a conclusion I want to mention, that the popularity of coaching in Bulgaria and its implementing as an effective tool for development and reaching results through goal setting is thanks to Ralitsa Hristova and the professionals like her. 

You may contact me on: +359 878 893378 or e-mail:

Sincerely yours,

Desislava Ivanova










For Ralitsa Christova

From Nina Popova – HR Director

My first contact with Ralitsa Hristova was in 2013 when I met her as a trainer of the certificate course of Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. Her exceptionally delicate approach, her openness to questions, readiness or meetings and professional discussions ме спечелиха за дълго време напред.

My participation in her author coaching course “The Success Behind Our Fears” was marked by great enthusiasm, sharing, self-discovery, knowledge about coaching and ofcourse, a lot of self – doubts.

The methods Ralitsa uses are various, but always ocusing on self-knowing and self-discovering. The coaching session models she uses are constantly updating. I am impressed by the group coaching and individual session with her. Every session I have started with a lot of suspicions and have ended with an action plan. I admire her patience during the coaching process, her skill to comor the client and sharpen the focus on decision finding.   

She never stops reading, learning and developing in favour of her clients. I have a list of books, articles, materials she shared with me. She is open to discussions, to share her knowledge and is not embarrassed to say when she does not know something.

Ralitsa’s dedication to coaching engages people around her to search and find the way, a decision, self.

Sincerely yours,

Nina Popova



With the present I want to share my experience, satisfaction and high appreciation of the work and professionalism of Ralitsa Christova.  

Thanks to her skills and expertise I managed to have a different view on almost all aspects of my life. I learned to cope with my internal dilemmas, to have better relationships with friends and family and to accept people as they are without criticizing them. I overcame my fear of storms and lightenings.   

Rallie is a marvelous professional.

Antoniya Gyleva

Co-owner of Remax Family Sofia



 „Even after the first coaching session I realized that I have found the right for me coach.i felt how smoothly we communicated and thanks to the appropriate approach and the right questions and tools I managed to find the answers to many questions and  gained a deep understanding of the essence of my issues. I have set a goal and 3 days after our coaching session the result was already a fact. I have not only achieved it but it exceeded my expectations and achieved something I never ever dared to dream of. This success is thanks to the effective job and the diligence of both of us during the coaching session and after that. Rallie is a very energetic, positive, good and always smiling person. The combination of her experience, knowledge and skills make the exceptional professionalist she is. She has the charisma and is competent at the magic of communication which is very important for her clients and her success.  Rallie, be what you are – goodwilling, devoted and successful. Good luck!“

Kremena Kostadinova

Sales Expert


Rallie, my increadible coach!

If I have to describe Rallie in 3 word, they would be – inspiring, understanding, motivating.

The minutes, hours spent with her were exciting! Every time she managed to provoke me to deeply self-reflect and to take out skills and characteristics I never would have thought were there. She used short meditation techniques, questions, tests, games etc.. She managed to see my real self, very often she brought tear of realization to my eyes and a lot of comfort after that.

For the time I spent in Rallie’s coaching group I grew up, got to know myself, raised my confidence and realized what a valuable person I was and therefore, started to vale yself as a woman and a professionalist.  

I reached my answers to question about my existence and my way of communicating with others. I learned to be accepting, understanding and still train myself to be patient. 

With gratitude and hope or further possibilities to meet with my coach,

Nenka Georgieva

Recreation Manager





I met Rallie Christova by ‘’chance” in the fall of 2012 in connection to an event that was postponed and reed my time to come to know her.  This was my first meeting with coaching as well. Ever since, I participated in many events, personal and group coaching sessions, organized by Rallie. During these 6 years I learned to listen without interruption, ask questions without advising (when I need to understand what my client needs), which is very important in my job as a manager and a salesperson. I learned to read between the lines, rely on the signs life sends me and trust my intuition. It was of great importance to me self-explore and challenge myself.  I found the actor’s coaching sessions very interesting and beneficial during which by playing roles we reached important insights.  

       I worked with Rallie in her long-term coaching programs in an online group with participants from 4 countries. The programs were:

  1. Success Behind Our Fears – /9-month program for self-confidence/
  2. In Search of A Purpose – 9 month program for finding the personal mission and raising self-awareness. We have done a lot of work and challenges met thanks to which we learned how to share, we found unconstructive patterns and barriers and transformed them, we developed our creativity, confidence and self-esteem.

       Rallie’s style is challenging, yet supporting and stimulating the internal dialogue.  

      In her work she is patient and balanced. The meditations with her are impressing and deeply moving. She has a very suitable or meditations voice.

Reni Gospodinova

Regional Manager Forever Living Products



This is to certify that I have worked with Ralitsa Christova individually and in group sessions and to express my gratitude and appreciation for her dedication.

In a personal plan I learned to understand myself better – to know whether what I want is what is really important for me. I learned how to process and overcome stress as an internal feeling.

Professionally, I learned to get along better with my colleagues, freely to communicate with clients, to achieve quicker and easier resuls and to soften my temper

Zlatina Gyleva

Co-owner of Remax Family, Sofia






         With the present reference I want to express my gratitude to Ralitsa Christova as a part of In Your Hands Ltd team for the professionalism and loyalty, demonstrated in our mutual work.

            During the second half of 2017 I (together with 6 other colleagues) participated in a training named Basic Coaching Skills for Leaders run by Ralitsa. 10 individual coaching sessions with each of us followed. I was impressed by the individual approach and the adequate methodology. We worked on choosing and applied different Leadership tools and instruments in line with the goals we set initially. Essential not only professionally, but also personally was the feed-back perectly given by Ralitsa. All of this helped me learn a lot of new things, systemize successful practices and realize existing models and replace them with working ones.    

             We elicited my core values and aligned my goals with them. We systemized the barriers in front of my goals. The professional analysis and additional point of view helped me widen my horizons

Ralitsa Hristova won my trust with her exceptional correctness and responsiveness, personal and rational approach. I was impressed by her personal devotion and responsibility with the organization and carrying of the coaching sessions and the training.  

I would be pleased to recommend Ralitsa Christova because of her loyalty, correctness and exceptional professionalism. 



                                                                                  Angel Stavrev

Regional Sales Manager

LafargeHolcim Bulgaria







I want to share my impressions by the work I have done with Ralitsa Christova as a coach.

I met Ralitsa at the right moment in my life when I was standing on the biggest crossroad. I did not know how to proceed with my professional career, where and with whom. The main question I was facing was: Do I want to continue doing what I was doing during the last 10 years? I felt great unsatisfaction in my professional life, I felt drained and absolutely unclear how I wanted to proceed.

At this moment I needed someone, who would listen to me, understand my dilemma and show understanding to me and help me break the deadlock I was in.   Someone who would guide me on the path of self-knowledge, help me find the answers that were in me. Someone who would patiently light my way and guide me to find them.

Ralitsa was the right person or me. She is an embodiment of all characteristics I mentioned above and much more. She is a coach in her heart devoted to her calling – an inspiration to change!

The first step we took together was the identification of my core values I follow in life which shape my views and actions and my personality as a whole. This was the first insightful moment for me. To get to know the mechanisms that shape your lie is priceless. This brainstorming was the beginning of my way inside and gave me a different point of view to the stimula and results in my life.  I laid the foundations of what I want to happen to me, and not what I don’t want.

We had a number of sessions with Ralitsa afterwards and every time I reached different insights which have changed my perceptions on certain topics. They led me to priceless solutions of concrete issues and from every session we had I was coming out with a sense of satisfaction, lightness and an enormous wish to start working on my action plan.

All of this happened because Rallie as a coach skillfully directed me on my way to self-knowledge, she walked next to me and delicately supported me. Thank you, Rallie!

Darina Stoyanova

Audit Department Director

SG Expressbank AD, Varna




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