One-on-one Coaching

If you feel that:

• You need change or are in a transition.

• Your current job no longer satisfies you.

• You have a dream that is scaring you or you are not coming any closer.

• You are continuously stressed or exhausted.

• You want to make your priorities but you do not know where to start.

• You feel depressed or bitter.

• You are not making progress with your goals or plans.

As a Professional Senior Coach I will support you turn your problems into solutions, prepare an action plan that will move you forward to your goal with a sharp focus and motivation to achieve it.


Coaching works with people that are looking for change – mature, open and proactive. With the coach’s support it flows smoothly and in a planned manner – step by step, hand in hand in a true partnership. Coaching is not a magical wand. It requires persistence, engagement, planned work, accountability and the courage to undertake this adventure.

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