Executive Coaching

You are a Manager or an Owner looking for a way to:

• Balance your professional and personal life.

• Become confident, convincing and charismatic.

• People to follow you, because you inspire them and they like you.

• Make your employees more satisfied working in a spirit of cooperation.

• Improve the communication in you company and create appositive and stimulating environment.

• Take an important management decision.

• To find professional support for the growth of your company, help with planning and building a new organizational/management structure, creating a Leadership culture among the employees.

• Become Transformational Leader (focused on people) and Transactional Leader (focused on tasks).

• Boost the market share of your company.

My corporate background, the leadership positions I held and my education in economics are my competitive advantages.


79% of medium and large companies use the support of a Coach!

Here are samples of frequently-asked-for goals:

● How to communicate to engage higher functioning individuals & teams

● How to Lead Myself (in order to better lead others)

● Raise my Confidence to be a Transformational Leader

● I need to Become more of a Strategic Thinker

● How to Effectively Coach/Mentor Direct Reports

● I wish to become faster at Problem Solving

● Strengthen my Relationships at work and at home

● How to Handle Conflict and Negative Behaviour

● I wish to be better at Influencing Others

● Help me get more Organized, more Focused

● Help me find Inner Peace, re-learn how to relax

● Life Balance, Health, Loving Self, Happiness … Find Your Blind Spots and Get Rid of Them Forever

With CLI’s award-winning PMCK™ Coaching methodologies I am using, you can zip into your subconscious mind to find your blind spots. As a CLI Executive Coach I am trained to help you flip the unconstructive thoughts and actions into positive ones – permanently. CLI’s advanced leadership science featuring Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® assists people to dramatically improve their performance at home and at work.

Unique Leadership Tools including … 20 of them

● Immediate Employee Engagement

● Communications – How to Talk so People will Listen – Advanced Listening Skills

● How to have difficult conversations to help change behaviours

● The Universal Laws of Leadership

● The Brain Walk® Series – think like an Einstein!

● How to Live a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

● Be a STAR Coaching Model

● How to Recognize and Inspire Employees

● Productivity Tools

● PCMK™ Lasers – Six Laser coaching tools – ten minute coaching tools

● Strategic Thinking Model

● Grounding Methods ….

Calculate your ROI – to see your abundant shifts.

You will receive a Coaching Kit - in which to track your progress.

Learn How to Self-Coach!

At the beginning of the coaching engagement, you may wish to learn simple yet powerful self-coaching methodologies to support you in your leadership role every day. For example, you can problem solve in less than 5 minutes with The Brain Walk® series! You will be able to use these self-coaching tools for the rest of your life. And teach your family members to also think like a genius!

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